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You may have seen the lurid reports currently in some media outlets that British researchers have purportedly found out that penis enlargement surgery is ineffective. This type of nonsense can be read again and again and naturally it is nice for the press to produce such a lurid article. Unfortunately journalists these days are apparently no longer interested in serious research, because the original study did indeed involve far more than 1,200 patients but they were patients in places such as Papua New Guinea or other countries not necessarily known for their serious medical practices where silicone and industrial grease or other materials is injected into the patient’s penis, which is actually considered a ‘medical procedure’ in those countries.
If you view the original study under Sexual Medicine Reviews, you will find that a mere 12 of these over 1,200 men actually underwent penis enlargement surgery as we define it, but as a leading centre in Europe we must unfortunately say that it was presumably not necessarily performed by an experienced surgeon.

The extent of the disinterest in serious information can be seen in an article in a fairly well-known medium that at the same time also provides a link to a clinic offering a completely great new procedure. Sure.
Even inexperienced journalists should identify nonsense in their own articles through serious reflection. So when a doctor being interviewed speaks of a surgery price of over €40,000, this really cannot be referring to a cosmetic penis enlargement but rather a highly complex and elaborate procedure such as reconstruction after an accident or a similar procedure, and the fact that such a procedure involves a higher degree of risk is simply the nature of things.

It is a shame that articles these days are either poorly researched or can be bought.
Serious press should function differently!


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