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Our senior doctors of medical areas present themselves below. They are supported in their work by experienced junior doctors and numerous medical staff.


Image of Rolf Kirchner

Rolf Kirchner
Specialist in anaesthesiology
Emergency medicine
Special pain therapy
Medical informatics
Medical quality management

Image of Dr. Christopher Heinbuch

Dr. Christopher Heinbuch
Specialist in anaesthesiology
Intensive Care
Emergency medicine

Image of Dr. Dominik Fogl

Dr. Dominik Fogl
Specialist in anaesthesiology
Special intensive care
Emergency medicine

Plastic surgery

Image of Dr. med. Christoph Jethon

Dr. med. Christoph Jethon
Specialist for Plastic Surgery

Medical career

Functional urology

Image of Dr. med. Wilhelm Jungmann

Dr. med. Wilhelm Jungmann
Specialist for functional urology

Paediatric urology

Image of Prof. Achmed Hadidi

Prof. Achmed Hadidi
Specialist for urology

Medical career

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