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Penis enlargement surgery


Contact us. Place your queries in the hands of our employees. They have many years of experience in this surgery and will help you to make the optimal choices. The Head of the Administrative Office for Penis Enlargement Surgeries is Felix Jung.

Good, safe medicine costs effort and therefore money in Germany. Thankfully much less than in the USA, but it nevertheless requires an immense amount of effort if one wants to continuously achieve safety and good results:

Due to its significantly better aesthetic results, we always recommend combining the lengthening and enlargement. This also saves you money in comparison to two surgeries performed in sequence because the materials and staff are only charged one time. The all-inclusive price for this surgery, including all conceivable ancillary costs, amounts to:

approx: EUR 10.800,-

(Lengthening alone approx.: EUR 7,900, thickening alone approx.: EUR 6,600)

We cannot refrain from making the following remark:

For years our price has been significantly less expensive than other surgeons who claim to be specialists in this surgery or even copy our descriptions of the surgery in order to pretend that they perform the same service but due to a poor initial surgery must then perform corrective surgeries for which the patients must once again pay, because naturally it is forbidden to perform surgeries free of charge in Germany and the insurance companies will not pay for corrective surgeries. We, on the other hand, practically never have to perform any corrective surgeries due to our high professional expertise and quality. Therefore you only have to pay once with us. And with us there are practically never any additional charges beyond the specified prices, because after 25 years we know precisely how much material, time, staff and safety precautions we require to perform such surgery.


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