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Congenital curvature of the penis

Why should you have your operation performed by us?

So that your penis does NOT look like this after the operation:

Complications after surgery on the penis

A chief surgeon in a university hospital personally operated on this patient. The penis had to be nearly completely amputated afterwards due to complications.

After long and careful consideration we have decided to only show this SINGLE photo. There are many patients like this who have turned to us seeking help.

Unfortunately the most common thing patients say to us is, ‘If only I had come to you first!’

This is true in two respects: Firstly we would like to prevent such procedures to the greatest extent possible and secondly it is not possible for us to operate on patients after they have already undergone poorly performed prior surgery and to achieve results that are as good as if the operation had been performed by us from the start.
Once the penis has had to be partially amputated then it is gone forever.

3 other facts about us:

  1. Scientific reasons why you should have your operation performed by us
  2. Common sense reasons why you should have your operation performed by us
  3. Other benefits we offer

1. Scientific reasons why you should have your operation performed by us:

  • We have the most extensive surgical experience in Europe.
  • Our procedure is described as the ‘preferred’ method in the European guidelines (see the guidelines under ‘Surgical Treatment Options’).
  • The highest social court has now finally defined 50 operations per year as the MINIMUM quality requirement for highly specialised surgeries (Docket number: B 3 KR 10/12 R). If this number were also legally required in order to perform surgeries treating curvature of the penis, which it unfortunately is not (yet), then 95% of all hospitals would no longer be allowed to operate on patients with curvature of the penis at all!

As you can clearly tell from this decision, there is definitely a reason why we keep mentioning our experience and repeatedly warn against undergoing surgery performed by unpractised hands. According to internal surveys of one transplant manufacturer there is virtually NO university hospital that performs more than 10 surgeries of this type per year and no city hospital or similar facility at all performs that many.
A doctor’s title (e.g. Professor) or position (e.g. Head of Urology) does not say anything at all about that doctor’s qualification to perform a specific surgery. The doctor can hold this title without even having performed the respective surgery a single time!
It is very unfortunate that there is so often still dishonesty regarding a doctor’s purported skills and number of cases handled.

If you follow the Internet and publications for a while you will find that there are ‘suddenly’ more and more homepages, doctors’ associations, purportedly neutral sources of information, pseudoscientific articles, etc. including the topic of induratio penis plastica. Some doctors’ and clinics’ homepages are ‘suddenly’ describing our surgical technique, even though it is not even performed there at all.

2. Common sense reasons why you should have your operation performed by us:

For patients it is repeatedly one of the most difficult tasks to seek out the right doctor and correct therapy. If you visit four doctors you will normally get four different opinions that are all explained in such a way that they sound completely logical in their own right because each doctor is trying to sell the method that they personally use.
This usually means that the patient has not become any more knowledgeable from such consultations.

Luckily there are illnesses whose structure is so easy to understand that no medical degree is required to understand them and common sense is perfectly sufficient and constructive: Such is the case with induratio penis plastica (IPP):

In this illness the seat of the disease is a plaque in the penis that is responsible for the widest variety of symptoms (curvature, retraction, shortening, erectile dysfunction, etc.). Certainly logic and common sense dictate that the only sensible therapy for this illness lies in removing the seat of the disease, not in leaving it in place and doctoring around with another area of the penis in the hope that this will somehow generate an improvement such as with tucking techniques (Nesbit) or incisions.
This would be as if a person came limping in on his right leg and instead of treating the right leg they just kicked him in the left leg so that he would at least limp evenly.

Hospitals, speciality departments and doctors that are angry about the fact that we perform better work all too often tell their patients that we perform this technique in order to earn more money. The truth is exactly the opposite.
We are a centre specialised in surgical therapy. Naturally we could also perform the much simpler techniques involving tucking or incisions. These are so much simpler that they would also be much less expensive to perform because they would take much less time, far fewer staff members and much less specialisation of the staff. We could also perform these simple techniques in the more modest operating rooms of a public hospital and would not have to bother with a private clinic.
We would therefore earn much more if we were to perform these simpler techniques. Patients would still come to us despite this simply due to our extremely extensive experience.

This means that we actually perform a highly complex technique yet earn much less in the end than we would have from the simpler techniques. The only reason why we do this is that the removal of the seat of the illness performed by us is much more sensible, delivers much better results for patients and actually treats the illness itself.

We became doctors to treat ill patients, not simply to tinker around with them.

3. Other benefits we offer

  1. It is not just any chief surgeon but rather one of the top specialists who (always personally) performs this therapy for us in Europe. This is a basis for a perfect result!
    Even poorly trained and unspecialised medical assistants operate in public hospitals. Even private patients often do not have their operations performed personally by the chief surgeon at all!
  2. Our operations are performed by out highly trained team of top specialists.
  3. Excellently trained anaesthesiologists handle our anaesthetisations. They are especially gently and comfortable for the patient.
  4. Only the best and most advanced materials are used.
  5. We select implants and substitute materials solely on the basis of their benefit for the patient and are not subject to any limitation imposed by the hospital administration or insurance company.
  6. We operate exclusively in high-quality fully private clinics and this has very decisive benefits for patients:
  • Specially furnished operating rooms with excellent hygiene. A highly dangerous bacterial infection has NEVER occurred in our operations. Such infections are a part of the daily routine in public hospitals. According to official statistics around 30,000 patients die each year in such hospitals and there is also a high estimated figure of such deaths that are unreported.
  • There is an entire armada of staff in the operating room for both the surgical procedure as well as for hygiene.
  • A massive array of caregivers and nurses are at the station so that our patients always receive the best care.
  • Things are never hectic and there are no time restrictions of any sort.
    In public hospitals there is sometimes such detrimental hecticness that cancer patients sometimes even have the healthy lung removed instead of the cancerous one and die from this, for example. There are unbearable conditions even in some University hospitals.
    We spare our patients those types of things.
  • And much more.

We thereby offer optimal medical care targeted exclusively at the benefit of the patient.

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