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Preparation for an operation

Around 3 weeks prior to your appointment you will receive an unmarked envelope by post containing your confirmation documents.

  • Once you have confirmed your appointment with us, please refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for 14 days prior to the operation. This is not a general statement but rather has a decisive effect on your results. Smoking significantly worsens the healing process for wounds by constricting the blood-vessel walls, while alcohol has a negative effect on the body’s metabolism.
  • 10 days before the operation you must cease taking any aspirin, ASS or other blood-thinning medications. These medications increase the risk of bruising (haematomas) and unpleasant swelling occurring.
  • You will have a detailed consultation with one of our doctors, during which there will be ample time for all of your questions to be answered. However, you should also definitely read our description of the operation beforehand in preparation.
  • You must refrain from drinking or eating anything for 6 hours before your surgery on the day of your appointment. This also applies for procedures using local anaesthesia.
  • You will then be prepared for the operation, which includes receiving an mild tranquillizer and painkiller in advance.
  • The operation itself is performed in a relaxed environment. There is no need to feel anxious, as you will not feel any pain, while the carefully selected medication you are given will ensure you will rapidly recover after the operation with no lingering unpleasant memories of it.
  • Normally you may return home after around 1-2 hours (following ambulatory surgeries). However, because you are not permitted to drive a car for the next several hours due to the medication you have received and because many of our patients arrive from quite a distance, we would advise you to spend the night in a nearby hotel (which would be cheaper than staying in the clinic)..
  • You absolutely must bring another person with you for ambulatory surgeries.

Post-op care

We will give you antibiotics and sufficient painkillers to take home.

  • You must take the antibiotics no matter what but the painkillers are merely to be taken as needed.
  • After 3-4 days you may begin your daily shower routine once more, but please only use normal hand soap, not a creaming shower product. After this period, apply a new plaster to the cut(s) or use a spray plaster agent, depending on the procedure, for 1 week.
  • We usually use self-dissolving stitches so that there is no need for any to be removed. We will give you corresponding directions if we have used stitches that need to be removed in your case.
  • You should refrain from participating in sports or having sexual intercourse for 2 - 5 weeks (depending on the type of procedure).
  • You should refrain from smoking for five weeks, as this generally impairs the healing process.
  • You should also refrain from intensive sunbathing affecting the operated are for at least 8 weeks, as this can lead to pigmentation disorders (uneven colouring).
  • We will provide you with documents on the kind of post-op care you require.

Treatment guarantee

For your own security and in full confidence of the outstanding results and quality we provide, as of 1 July 2008 all of our patients are protected by our treatment guarantee.

Any unplanned treatments and surgeries that may prove necessary will be performed by us at our location free of charge. This guarantee is valid for a period of one year after the final operation we performed.

(There is a restriction on this in Germany: As it is illegal in Germany to perform medical services at absolutely no cost, we are legally required to still charge you a minimal fee. It will approximately correspond to the actual costs for materials and medications.)

Additional benefits generally available to our patients:

  • Our surgeries are performed exclusively by highly qualified specialist surgeons with many years experience, all of whom had their qualifications scrutinised in detail before being appointed/selected.
  • A detailed consultation on the options, limitations and risks involved will take place in the pre-operative discussion.
  • The treatments are naturally carried out using the most technically advanced equipment.
  • The members of the medical staff in the operating theatre and for post-op care are highly qualified.
  • We use modern, gentle anaesthesia procedures.
  • The materials and medications used are of the highest quality.

All patients who have their initial surgery performed by us are welcome to obtain post-op examinations and advice from us at any one of our centres free of charge. This offer is valid for a period of one year after the final operation we performed.

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