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Penile implants

The types of penile implants that we use

There are various types of penile implants available to medical practitioners that can theoretically be used.

We use hydraulic penile implants exclusively because our experience has shown that they are the only type capable of optimally imitating the natural function of an erection while remaining externally invisible and thereby providing the highest amount of patient satisfaction.

A pleasant side effect is that penile implants usually result in an increase in penis size when flaccid (which is normally a welcome improvement for patients) that looks completely natural with hydraulic implants and not unusual or artificial such as may be the case with solid implants.

How they work:

Penile implantsOur hydraulic penile implants consist of two penile prosthesis cylinders, a pumping mechanism and a fluid reservoir.

The penile prosthesis cylinders are inserted into the existing penile corpora cavernosa and take over their function.

The pumping mechanism used to create an erection is located in an invisible position below and behind the scrotum.

The fluid reservoir is inserted into the lower abdomen through the primary incision below the penis so that no additional incision in the stomach is required with our technique!

When the patient wishes to have an erection he using the pumping mechanism to pump the liquid (isotonic water) into the penile prosthesis cylinders, making the penis larger and firmer.

We usually use implants from the 700 series manufactured by AMS. Our experience has shown that they provide the best results and can be considered the ‘gold standard’:

AMS 700 seriesThe AMS 700 series offers an erection that appears more natural and can return to a flaccid state more quickly than two-piece or flexible (solid) implants. These highly developed, three-piece prostheses are inflatable implants available in a variety of models and sizes, thereby guaranteeing a custom fit.

The entire system is concealed inside the body and is not externally visible.

The AMS 700 series also features InhibiZoneTM, an antibiotic surface treatment plus a special wear-reducing parylene micro-coating that increases the reliability and durability of the cylinders.

The AMS 700 series is ideal for men who desire a penis that looks natural when erect and when returning to a flaccid state.

(Photos used with the friendly permission of AMS)

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