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Peyronie’s disease

Basic information on our work / results

Do you wish to have a high-quality microsurgical removal of your disease without a shortening of the penis and without having to accept further limitations due to acquired curvature of the penis? We will be glad to help you!

The distinguishing features of our work:

  • We are a competence and reference centre for reconstructive therapy for Peyronie’s disease (acquired curvature of the penis).
  • We are super-specialised in the reconstructive correction of Peyronie’s disease. Our surgeons have the greatest amount of experience in this field in all of Europe.
  • We have handled over 3,500 cases of Peyronie’s disease so far (in comparison: due to the high degree of specialisation required, a German university clinic only performs around 10 reconstructive surgeries of this type per year).
  • We effectively remove the seat of the disease and do not merely perform ‘patchwork’ (see the description of our surgical techniques)
  • We specialise in penis disassembly for the removal of distal plaques.
  • No shortening of the penis is caused by our technique.
  • Our success rate is over 90%.
  • We have specific experience with:
    • difficult cases (serious curvatures of the penis)
    • plaques under the glans penis and/or between the corpora cavernosa of the penis
    • corrections of failed previous operations using the Nesbit or Essed-Schröder techniques

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Consultation & appointments

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