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Peyronie’s disease

Costs and reimbursement

At our centre in Germany

Included in the price (NO further cost items will be added!):

Surgical team:

– Surgery performed 100% by the chief surgeon
– Chief medical assistants
– Highly specialised staff
– Specially disinfected operating room
– Materials + medication
– Clinic services

Anaesthesia team:

– Head anaesthesiologist
– Gentle intubation anaesthesia
– Anaesthesia nurses
– Materials + medication
– Clinic services

Nursing care:

– Nurses in 2 stages (in the surgical department and in the ward)
– Double staffing
– Specialised UGRS staff
– Clinic services

Other + service:

– Materials + medication for the follow-up treatment
– Patient education on post-op care
– Other services

Total costs: approx. EUR 13,400 to approx. EUR 22,500, depending on the severity of the case

(Payment also accepted in cash)

At our centre in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Starting from around EUR 11.900,- total.

The difference in price results from the different cost structures in Spain. The quality of the medical service is identical.

Cost structure and reimbursement

The medical treatments are performed as private medical services.

Whether or not your insurance provider will cover any of the costs depends on the type of health insurance you have as well as your tariff.

In any case the entire procedure must initially be paid for by you, the patient.

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Consultation & appointments

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