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Penis enlargement surgery

Cases we will not treat

We will not refuse to assist any patient. However, there are two groups of patients whose treatment by us requires certain pre-requisites:

  • Patients who have had previous surgery by other surgeons (failed enlargement surgery by other surgeons).
  • Users of stretching devices for penis enlargement.

Explanation of point 1

We are extremely disinterested in performing corrective surgery on patients who have already undergone surgery by other surgeons.

Our aim is to the best results to as many patients as possible and we give our best for this every day. Moreover, the outstanding results we achieve with our surgeries are in effect our international showpiece and therefore important for our future development.

We can only provide optimal care and outstanding results if the initial operation is performed by us on an ‘untouched’ site, so to speak, so that all procedural possibilities are still available. The scarring and loss of tissue resulting from previous operations performed by other surgeons usually make it impossible to produce results which we feel are completely satisfying.

We provide our patients with intensive and conscientious consultations and are always ready to listen to and answer any of their questions. Furthermore, we calculate final fees for our surgeries that are extremely fair in comparison with international competitors. This is especially pertinent when our experience and the results of our services are taken into consideration.

If patients nevertheless still do not fully trust us and believe that they can obtain a surgery/treatment of the same quality as ours for a lower price somewhere else then they will also have to deal with the possible consequences themselves.

We do not wish to refuse assistance but the more extensive work required for the procedure to correct bad results from previous surgeries will be significantly more expensive (around EUR 11,500).

Explanation of point 2

We have always had patients who have unsuccessfully tried various ‘quick fixes’ for penis enlargement before they came to us for surgery; in that respect one might expect it not to make a difference to us, as they end up coming to us in the end anyway. HOWEVER:

Several users of penis stretching devices have reported suffering a significant weakening of their erection following or even during the use of such devices. In fact, Doppler sonography tests on these patients revealed extended AA and AV shunts, meaning bridging between blood vessels that alter the blood flow. Such shunt occur relatively frequently and are generally congenital. The shunts seem become distended due to the long-term use of these stretching devices, which constantly compress the penile distal vessels, resulting in a permanent change in the blood flow. These shunts are difficult to control and have an influence on the results of our surgery.

The expansion of tissue caused by penis stretching devices, which gradually decreases, also impedes our surgery, even if only for a specific time.

Therefore, if you do not put your trust in use from the very beginning and believe that you will be able to achieve the same quality of results for a few euros using a stretching device then that is entirely up to you. However, your decision is simultaneously implying that we are somehow shamelessly offering expensive surgery even though penis enlargement would somehow be possible for a few euros. In that sense we are not pleased with your decision.

You must therefore stand by your decision and deal with the resulting consequences on your own.

We do not enjoy performing surgery on patients who have previously used a stretching device for penis enlargement. Such patients must wait 3 months from the last use of the device before undergoing surgery!

In conclusion on points 1 and 2

We do not wish to pressure you in any way to be treated by us. It is entirely up to you which treatment you choose. However, if you are considering undergoing an operation, we feel it is our duty to inform you that we set certain rules and prerequisites for our work.
In our opinion, this information is just as necessary for a fair and comprehensive consultation as outlining the medical facts. Both are intended to enable you to make a competent decision based on the details at hand.

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