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Penis enlargement surgery

Penis thickening: surgical technique we use

The procedure for the thickening (of the shaft) of the penis is performed by us using the patient’s own fat for a so-called autologous fat tissue transfer (not to be confused with simple the fat tissue injections frequently used by inexperienced surgeons).

Strictly speaking, the penis thickening is the most challenging part of a penis enlargement, as many aspects need to be taken into consideration to ensure good, long-term results.

For example, if an inexperienced surgeon were to suck fat out of you then simply inject it under the skin of your penis, the effects would last for 6 months at the most before the body re-absorbed it. Long-lasting penis thickening therefore requires the application of a special procedure.

Using our technique, we first conduct a special procedure to suck living fat tissue from the inside of the thigh. This is then extensively processed and cleansed before an elaborate procedure is used to carefully insert it under the skin of the penis in a way that ensures it heals to leave an even surface.

A specially engineered bandage with decreasing levels of pressure must be worn for a week in order for the results to be successful.

Now and again, patients express concerns over the success of thickening using their own fat. They are worried it may be re-absorbed, having read or heard this somewhere.

We therefore refer again to the vital difference between ‘autologous fat tissue transfer’ (our technique) and simple ‘fat tissue injection’. Those who are interested will find further reading in Krupp + Rennekampff’s standard work, ‘Plastische Chirurgie’ (‘Plastic Surgery’). They refer to the correct use of the patient’s own body fat to thicken penises literally as the ‘gold standard’ (Issue 3 / 2005). Krupp + Rennekampff’s work is considered to be ‘the standard German-language work on plastic surgery’ (Lehmann), or ‘the principal work to date’ (medizin.de).

Anyone claiming that professionally inserted fat tissue will generally be re-absorbed is unaware of modern surgical procedures.

Thickening using the patient’s own body fat is conventionally performed in conjunction with penis lengthening surgery.

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