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Penis enlargement surgery

Is a penis enlargement sensible?

How large is an average penis?

According to the EU condom standard, the average European penis measures 16.5 cm when erect, which is consistent with our findings from the past 10 years.

Some places on the Internet list sizes far above or below the average. Some of these sizes are simply made up and, if they specify any sources for their claims, they often stem from other cultures. It may be true, for instance, that Asian men have a shorter penis on average, but this information does not help non-Asian men to estimate the size of their own penis.

The EU condom standard specifies a size with a Europe-wide consensus of 16.5 that can be called the real European average.

Is penis size important?

As we already knew from our experience over the last 15 years and you the patient have surely already suspected, the answer is ‘yes’.

As the news agencies AFP and N-TV reported on 8 April 2013, after the topic of penis size had been a taboo subject for the scientific community for a long time, a serious scientific study was finally conducted on this issue at the University of Ottawa, Canada. There was an unambiguous and very clear result: Women rate men with a larger penis significantly more attractive.

Enlarging a penis with a size that is below average is therefore sensible and has a significant effect on the patient concerned. The clearness of the result of the study of the University of Ottawa even suggests that it is sensible to enlarge an average sized penis. That even surprised us.

Our experience over the last 15 years also clearly shows that the vast majority of patients gain an increased sense of self-worth through penis enlargement. It causes them to have more success in their relationship, during sexual intercourse, in their social life and in their profession.

Fundamental considerations

The size of a penis should only be modified if it can genuinely be defined as small from a medical viewpoint. We firmly refuse to create a ‘monster-sized’ specimen out of an already large penis.

If you are considering penis enlargement surgery, you should imagine a moderate result, not the best result possible. In other words, you should only undergo a surgery if an increase in length of 3 cm would suffice. For while 5, 6 or even 7 cm would no doubt be more enticing, an operation need not necessarily deliver such results in your case.

We are well aware that patients with an extremely small penis (e.g. 9 cm when erect) in particular would like nothing more than a normal-sized penis, but 9 cm plus (for example) 5 cm still only totals 14 cm and, should the result be on the lower end of the scale, then perhaps only 12 or 13 cm. An increase of 50% would be a tremendous improvement, of course, yet the result still would not quite be 16.5 cm.

Please be aware that we can achieve great results but that we can’t work miracles. We can only rarely assist patients whose erections measure less than 11 cm to attain an average-sized penis, but we can bring them considerably nearer to this goal. Patients must be well aware of this in advance.

Your personal wishes are what count – nothing else.

We will provide you with an honest and professional appraisal, never arguments to sway your decision – we sometimes may even refuse to perform a surgery. These are also aspects of our high standards and a basis for trust.

Regardless of whether we agree to perform the surgery or not, we will address your queries and concerns with understanding and an open mind. Patients have no need to feel ashamed about any aspect of their condition or any question they may ask.

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